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Tree Removal Hobart

When people daydream about their perfect backyard, they often visualize a large leafy tree, with strong branches and a large canopy of greenery giving shade to their kids as they play in swings or go climbing. The trees of their fantasy seem so big and strong, and the possibility of them requiring tree removal services seems the furthest from their minds.
However, often, what really happens doesn’t follow our daydreams. Branches grow too large and begin to impact on your property or other trees. Perhaps they crack and fall, and if they are to close to your house, sometimes they threaten to damage your property and your family. In high winds, those branches can become a real hazard.
And like other living things, trees can become sick, diseased and weakened, unable to stand up any longer.
For a while, trimming might be the answer. You might be able to stop your trees from impacting your property, but if you improperly trim or prune your trees, this can have hazardous effects. Trimming and pruning is like surgery; surgery done improperly can sometimes be worse than no surgery at all.

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tree removal Hobart

Eventually though, trimming might no longer be the right answer. You might have to do something a lot more drastic, lopping it right back, but this kind of surgery, if done right, can be hugely detrimental to its future health. How far back do you cut back your tree? Which branches must go to ensure the rest can thrive?
And then, there’s the final option; removing ​it altogether. That is never an easy job, and not always the right one, either. When should you decide to fully remove it? And how do you go about doing that properly, without harming your property or the health of your garden or other trees?
And what do you do with the stump that remains behind?
You don’t have to make these decisions alone. We at Apple Isle Tree Removal Hobart perform tree removal, lopping, trimming and pruning services, as well as stump grinding and removal services. We won’t hack and slash for the sake of it. Wherever possible we will try to ensure the better continued health of the tree, but we are aware that there are times when it must be removed for the safety of the property and its inhabitants.
If you require assistance with any of the services we provide, whether you are a domestic customer or commercial, or if you have stumps in the ground you want ground down or removed, please call us or leave your information in the contact form. We will be happy to advise you on the best course of action.

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Let it never be underestimated how dangerous tree removal is, nor how much detrimental effect a seemingly innocuous trim here or prune there can have. Hacking at the trunk, or just blindly slicing off branches here, there and everywhere, is never the right answer. As said previously, often surgery done wrong is worse than no surgery at all, and pruning, lopping or trimming done wrong can cause growth to stagnate, jut off in unpredictable directions, or simply kill the tree, as it does not have the energy to recover from your incisions.
Our contractors know that there are times when drastic efforts are required, when trees must be removed for safety reasons, or because they have died, or because they are impacting on the survival of other plants and trees in your yard. We strive towards excellent customer service and satisfaction, knowing that the work we do today not only fulfils your current job requirements but is, in a sense, an audition for future jobs. Tree care is an ongoing, lifelong requirement if you own a yard, and we would like to see that job through to the end.
Please call us, or leave your information in the contact form, and we will be happy to contact you.

Tree Removal in Hobart


Tree Removal Hobart

tree removal Hobart

There are a few reasons why trees might need to be removed. Perhaps they have died. Perhaps they are in danger of falling over and causing damage to yourself, your family or your property. Perhaps there are in the way of a future renovation project.
Whatever the reason, whatever the size of the specimen, call us. Our tree removal service will remove it before it can cause you any further options.
If you also require the stump to be removed or ground down, please indicate that to be the case when you call us or use the free quote form.

Tree Lopping/Topping Hobart

Tree Lopping Hobart

Tree Lopping is like performing a drastic surgery; it’s not something you should want to perform, but it might be unavoidable.
Perhaps disease or pests has taken control, and it requires a cut back to get rid of the infection; perhaps parts of the tree are hogging the light while other parts get none; perhaps other trees in your yard are struggling to survive while this one tree takes all the sunlight.; and perhaps your tree is headed into the electrical wires, or parts of it are impacting your property. Whatever the case, lopping your tree can’t be taken lightly.
Lopping is more than simply trimming or pruning a tree. It might require entire branches to be removed, or, in a process sometimes called ‘topping’ it might require the entire top of the tree to be removed.
Lopping or topping a tree can be dangerous, for both the tree and the person performing the operation. If done without suitable care, the tree could die, or grow in directions that are very unexpected.
Cutting into a tree is like performing an operation on a person; lopping a tree is a major operation. For a tree to survive and then thrive after such an operation, proper care has to be made with each cut. We don’t simply see a branch that we don’t like and chop it off. We take into consideration how the tree will regrow from that action.
Lopping and topping probably requires chainsaws, and these can be dangerous in the wrong hands. We have experience with such dangerous equipment, and we know how to ensure the tree’s health after we have operated on it.
So call us for all your tree lopping and topping needs, or leave your details in the contact form provided.

Tree Pruning and Trimming Hobart

tree pruning Hobart

Pruning and Trimming are less drastic measures than lopping and, of course, removal. Pruning can get rid of diseases and infected branches that are hindering the rest of the tree’s growth, while trimming improves the tree’s visual look, and keeps it looking healthy and strong, helping to increase property value.
Whether you are pruning or trimming, even if they are far less intrusive than other tree care methods, you are still effectively performing surgery. If done wrong, it’s future growth can be altered in unexpected ways.
Call our Tree Pruning and Trimming services and we will ensure the continued health of your trees for years to come.

Stump Grinding and Removal Hobart

stump removal Hobart

When trees are removed, stumps are left behind. Grinding or removing a stump is not a small job, and is therefore classified as it’s own piece of work. Stumps can become injury hazards to anyone playing around in your backyard, and as fungi and the like might begin growing from them, they can become dangerous to pets and small children who may eat them.
Should you grind the stump to below ground level, or remove the stump and its root system altogether? Call our stump grinding and removal service, as we will help advise you on what are the best options for your particular situation.

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There are many professional Tree Removal companies servicing Hobart and its surrounding suburbs. Whatever company you chose, you want contractors who are experienced, highly-skilled, and completely trustworthy … as well as being fast, reliable and friendly. 

At Apple Isle Tree Removal Hobart, that is what we strive to achieve. We want to build long-term relationships with all of our customers, and wish to work with you long into the future. 

​Call us today for a quote, or fill in our contact form, and one of our friendly staff will be happy to talk with you. 

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Have Questions? See Below For Some Answers

How Do I Tell If My Tree Is Dead Or Dying?

One way of determining whether it is dead or dying is performing what is known as the ‘tree scratch test’. Perform a little cut on the trunk, using a small knife or fingernail, to remove a small piece of the bark outer layer. You want to see what is happening below the bark, at the ‘cambium’ layer. If this layer is green, than your tree still has some life to it; if it is dry and brown, it has most likely died.
It is important when doing this test, that you don’t remove large chunks of bark. When you cut into the trunk, you are creating a wound. As occurs when you get wounds yourself, the tree has to expend some energy to repair itself. If you create too large a wound, it might not have the strength to recover.
Here are a list of some other signs that can tell you that your tree is dying:

  • If fungus is growing from the base, that can be a warning sign that it could be dead.
  • Look for peeling or chipped back on the trunk, as well as vertical cracks. If you can see severe damage, that is a good indication of something being wrong. Healthy trees grow back and replace bark; sick and dying trees (and dead trees, of course), do not, so be on the lookout for large swathes of smooth, bark-less trunk.
  • Look towards the crown of your tree; if you see dead or hanging branches up there, that might be a sign that something is wrong.
  • If your tree is experiencing a noticeable lean to one side, this is another indication something might be wrong, as it might indicate that the roots are unable to fully support the weight from above.
  • Check the base of the trunk; if you find shoots, that could be an indication the roots are weak.

Trees should be removed if they are dead or dying, or if they are dangerous to your property, you and your family, or the community. Check local council rules as to whether you require a permit to remove a tree from your own property.

How Does Tree Lopping Differ From Trimming and Pruning?

All of these terms relate to cutting back the tree in some way. Lopping is by far the most drastic ways, and should be done only in certain situations. A lopper will cut the branches back to their stubs, removing those branches that are not required for the rest of the organism to continue to grow. A lopping might also cut the tops off the tree. That is often called topping.
Some people want their trees lopped because it is obstructing their view. Other times, its branches might be coming entangled with powerlines, or the branches could become dangerous missiles if blown down by storm winds.
Lopping is not a delicate job. Compared to Trimming and Pruning, lopping is far more dangerous to both the ‘patient’ and the lopper performing the operation. A lopping done wrong can ruin the tree, or cause it to grow back in unexpected directions. It is like a major, invasive surgery, and should not be done unless for the right reasons.
Lopping also requires more powerful and dangerous equipment than Trimming and Pruning. Please do not undertake a lopping if you don’t have professional equipment, or have not been trained in its use.
As you might expect, trimming and pruning are more delicate. Often, they are performed to make sure the tree remains strong and beautiful, producing bountiful fruit and flowers. While less invasive than lopping, trimming and pruning are still like performing surgical operations, and should only be performed by those that understand how each cut can change the future growth course of the tree.
Pruning often involves removing diseased, infected and overgrown branches, while Trimming usually relates to giving the tree a clean, organized and beautiful look.

What is the Difference Between Stump Grinding and Stump Removal?

We should point out that our tree removal service doesn’t include removing the stump, because this is a tough and difficult feat on its own, and requires some heavy duty equipment.

We don’t only remove, lop, trim or prune trees … we also have a stump grinding and stump removal service.
So, what is the difference between Stump Grinding and Stump Removal?
Well, you can probably guess that Stump Removal is getting rid of the stump altogether … but Stump Grinding is the grinding of the stump down to below the layer of the surround land. The root system remains behind, whereas for a Stump Removal, the system is taken away with the roots.

Which is the Best Option? Stump Grinding or Stump Removal?

The answer really is ‘It depends’. We can give you advice as to what outcome best suits you.
To put it simply, the choice will come down to what you are willing to leave behind in the ground, versus how difficult the operation will be.
Stump Removals get rid of everything; the stump, the roots, all of it … but it is a much more difficult tasks, takes longer, is more costly than Stump Grindings, and leaves a hole in your back yard where the root system used to be that you will need to fill in.
Stump Grindings are far easier, and cheaper. Grindings leaves your yard looking better (as there is no large hole that needs dealing with), but because the root system remains behind, there is a risk of some sprout regrowth as the root decays underground.

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